"Lal Odhani"


While Satya Prakash Rath, the Director of Photography (DOP) composes a frame, director Kapilas Bhuyan looks onThe Lal Odhani technical team in actionStayajyoti & Shweta Acharya in Lal OdhaniSpecial re-enactment for Lal OdhaniSpecial re-enactment for Lal OdhaniShweta Acharyain Lal OdhaniWinning Team KFCShweta Acharya & Pinku Pattnaik in Lal OdhaniWinning Team KFC - Keonjhar Football Club - The State ChampionSatyajyoti in Lal OdhaniSabita Dash & Manishita Das in Lal OdhaniPinku Pattnaik & Shewta AcharyaMale lead Satyajyoti and Shweta Acharya are being briefed by Director Kapilas BhuyanDirector Kapilas Bhuyan looks on while Sabita Dash & Dr. Chitta Mishra enact an intimate moment as the parents of the female leadDirector Kapilas Bhuyan briefs Manishita, the debutant female lead and Dr. Chitta Mishra


Banner: Manjari Movies
Producer: Soumya Ranjan Patnaik
Director: Kapilas Bhuyan

To be produced by Soumya Ranjan Patnaik, Lal Odhani is a love story that entangles cinematic probe into the relationship between the State and the individual in the context of Maoist movement in Orissa State and elsewhere in India. 

The story evolves on the background of Keonjhar, which is a forest and mineral rich district of the State. 

It narrates how a single incident in the life of a President-Award winning retired Headmaster has demolished the normal go of life of his son, who is a zealous foot ball player and a fine flutist.  

When Tapan Kanungo is acting as the retired Headmaster, Anita Das is in the role of his wife. As against Satyajyoti Das in the lead male role, Manishita Das, daughter of veteran actor Ajit Das, is  in the female lead role.

In the second lead are Pinku Patnaik and Sweta Acharya.

A special mentionable feature of the film is that it has music from Joy Gandhi of New York who is a major disciple of Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia. He is going to score a special fusion orchestration for the film, which, Bhuyan says, would be the first of its kind in Oriya filmdom. 

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