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"Lal Odhani"

While Satya Prakash Rath, the Director of Photography (DOP) composes a frame, director Kapilas Bhuyan looks onThe Lal Odhani technical team in actionStayajyoti & Shweta Acharya in Lal OdhaniSpecial re-enactment for Lal OdhaniSpecial re-enactment for Lal OdhaniShweta Acharyain Lal OdhaniWinning Team KFCShweta Acharya & Pinku Pattnaik in Lal OdhaniWinning Team KFC - Keonjhar Football Club - The State ChampionSatyajyoti in Lal OdhaniSabita Dash & Manishita Das in Lal OdhaniPinku Pattnaik & Shewta AcharyaMale lead Satyajyoti and Shweta Acharya are being briefed by Director Kapilas BhuyanDirector Kapilas Bhuyan looks on while Sabita Dash & Dr. Chitta Mishra enact an intimate moment as the parents of the female leadDirector Kapilas Bhuyan briefs Manishita, the debutant female lead and Dr. Chitta Mishra


Banner: Manjari Movies
Producer: Soumya Ranjan Patnaik
Director: Kapilas Bhuyan

To be produced by Soumya Ranjan Patnaik, Lal Odhani is a love story that entangles cinematic probe into the relationship between the State and the individual in the context of Maoist movement in Orissa State and elsewhere in India. 

The story evolves on the background of Keonjhar, which is a forest and mineral rich district of the State. 

It narrates how a single incident in the life of a President-Award winning retired Headmaster has demolished the normal go of life of his son, who is a zealous foot ball player and a fine flutist.  

When Tapan Kanungo is acting as the retired Headmaster, Anita Das is in the role of his wife. As against Satyajyoti Das in the lead male role, Manishita Das, daughter of veteran actor Ajit Das, is  in the female lead role.

In the second lead are Pinku Patnaik and Sweta Acharya.

A special mentionable feature of the film is that it has music from Joy Gandhi of New York who is a major disciple of Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia. He is going to score a special fusion orchestration for the film, which, Bhuyan says, would be the first of its kind in Oriya filmdom. 

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Prema Sabuthu Balaban: Coming Soon!

"Prema Sabuthu Balaban" is the new venture of Director-cum-Producer Arun Mohanty.

This film is being produced by Meena Mohanty under the banner of Maa Gadachandi Entertainment.

Along with direction, Arun Mohanty has also scored the music for the movie. Dialogues are by Sirsananda Daskanungo.

Anuvab and Barsha would enact the lead roles.

(Report by Ashok Palit ||

Tu Mo Arambha Tu Mo Sesha on the Floor

Under the Excel Movies banner, "Tu Mo Arambha Tu Mo Sesha" is on the floor. This film is being produced by Rabindra Panda, story has been written by Bijaylaxmi Panda, and the movie is directed by Nishikant Dalabehera. 

Baidyanath Das has composed the music, lyrics is by Arun Mantri, Mohit Chakrabarty, and Deepak Jena. Camera by Amar. Among the singers are Udit Naryan, Babul Supriyo, Javed Ali, and Krishna Beuria. Ira Mohanty has lent the female voice. 

Among the lead roles are Mantu and Pinky while Mihir Das, Minaketan, Puspa Panda     and Milan comprise the other casts.

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"Jagu Autowala" Awaited

After Khata Mitha, actor-cum-producer Pupinder has started a new project titled "Jagu Autowala" under his own banner Kalosthenic Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

This film is being directed by James Anthony, music is being composed by Abhijit Majumdar and story is being written by Prakash Baral, Nirmal Nayak whereas Nizam has penned the lyrics. 

Jagu Autowala has a very interesting story. Some unsocial people attempt to rape a girl when she was alone while auto driver Jagu rescues her. She then travels around the town throughout the day in this auto. When Jagu asks about her destination, she replies that she is in search of a good place to commit suicide. After many twists and turns Jagu falls in love with this girl. 

Producer Pupinder essayed the lead role opposite Bengali actress Pamella Mondal. The film prominently stars Bijay Mohanty, Tandra Ray, Manoj Mishra, Suman, Gudu, Chandan, Micky, Prince and child actor Aryan. 

This film is scheduled to be released during the festival of Holi.

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New Film Stills - Tu Mo Aarambha Tu Mo Sesha

Tu Mo Aarambha Tu Mo SeshaTu Mo Aarambha Tu Mo SeshaTu Mo Aarambha Tu Mo SeshaTu Mo Aarambha Tu Mo SeshaTu Mo Aarambha Tu Mo Sesha

OrissaCinema Editor Ashok Palit spotted with Legendary Director Prashanta Nanda

Orissa Editor in Chief ashok Palit with Legendary Director Prasant Nanda

Orissa Editor in Chief ashok Palit with Legendary Director Prashanta Nanda.

Akshaya Parija Speaks

Producer Akshya Parija (NRI) speaks  on  new odia cinema THukul

Producer Akshya Parija (NRI) speaks on new Odia cinema "Thukul"

Shiv Music makes a magnificent milestone: Presents romantic album "Aakhi Ta Kahuchhi"

By Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The lips may not be uttering the feelings, but eyes certainly say if heart is full of longing. Thus says the title song "Aakhi ta kahuchhi" of the new romantic album of Shiv Music released on 7 January in the packed-to-capacity Jayadev Bhawan, Bhubaneswar.


Shiv Pattanayak, inheritor of a noted real estate empire of Bhubaneswar, who is leading his business to higher heights of beautiful success, is, in the domain of his heart, a creative genius, whose Hindi album ‘Ajnabi’ has earned him tremendous fame as an excellent singer and composer.

The present album is in Oriya.

The title song is sung by Shiv at the start and repeated by Tapu Mishra at the end of the album with both of them partnering in a number at the middle.


Commencing Song: AAKHI TA KAHUCHHI

Playback Singer: Shiv Pattanayak

Lyrics: Phantu

Music: Bidyut Roy

Acting: Shiv, Rudra and Amrit

Technical Direction: Narayan Ghadei

Direction: Gouri Shankar



Playback Singer: Tapu Mishra

Lyrics: Phantu

Music: Bidyut Roy

Acting: Pinki and Samar

Direction: Narayan Ghade

The rest of the songs are sung by Shiv alone with with different actors and actresses enacting in every number.

When Bidyut Roy has given the album melodious music, Narayan Ghadei and Gouri Shankar have given direction with Santosh and Bapi on the camera. Actual Media and Digital Dreams have nurtured it with editing when Titu and Jitu, both of Digital Dreams are credited with Montaz and Mastering respectively and Dillip Kumar Swain with choreography.


After lighting of the lamp of launching, the VCD, containing the album was released.


Eminent Techno-educationist Biswajit Mohanty praised Shiv Music and its founder Shiv Pattanayk for enrichment of Orissa’s culture through his melodious endeavor.


Chief of Subhas Chandra Pattanayak congratulated Shiv on production of the album in Oriya and blessed the venture as new milestone set on the ever progressive path of Orissa’a cultural exquisiteness.

Here below are samples of captures from the rest of the songs in the Album:


Song: MUN JE AMANIA PAKSHEE / Playback singer: Shiv Pattanayak / Lyrics: Sachi Mohanty / Music: Bidyut Roy / Acting: Santu and Mamata / Direction: Narayan Ghadei


Song: MAAR BAJI / Playback singer: Shiv Pattanayak /Lyrics: Phantu / Music: Bidyut Roy Acting: Chinku, Amit, Sumi and team /Choreography: Dillip Kumar Swain / Direction: Narayan Ghadei


Song: YOCHHANABHIJA SEI RATI / Playback singer: Shiv Pattanayak and Tapu Mishra / Lyrics: Phantu / Music: Bidyut Roy / Acting: Bishu and Pinki / Direction: Narayan Ghadei


Song: SEI BATA DEI GALABELE / Playback singer: Shiv Pattanayak / Lyrics: Tyagi Tirupati / Music: Bidyut Roy / Acting: Sarthak and Lina / Direction: Narayan Ghade


Song: YEEBANA PATHE / Playback singer: Shiv Pattanayak /Lyrics: Phantu / Music: Bidyut Roy / Acting: Tusar and Rani / Direction: Narayan Ghadei


Song: HAJI YAICHHI / Playback singer: Shiv Pattanayak /Lyrics: Phantu / Music: Bidyut Roy / Acting: Satya, Rani and Ritika / Direction: Narayan Ghadei


Song: TAME YADI BHALA PAUTHIBA / Playback singer: Shiv Pattanayak / Lyrics: Julu / Music: Bidyut Roy / Acting: Shiv and Sonali

Technical Direction: Narayan Ghadei / Direction: Gouri Shankar


Shiv and his team also presented on the stage some of the numbers of the album on request.


The evening had commenced with fusion music rendered by Bidyut Roy setting the ecstasy for the event.

"Emiti Bi Prema Hue" to release in February

Under the banner of Shine Creation, "Emiti Bi Prema Hue" is going to hit the theatres   on 10th February, 2012. 

This Movie has a fresh pairing of Sabyasachi and Riya. Riya Dey is the upcoming actress among the bunch of new actresses in Odia film industry. Recently she acted in "Criminal" with Arindam. 

The new film starring Sabyasachi and Riya will teach the audience "pyar ka super hit formula". 

Ajit Das Mohapatra has written the story and dialogues. Nishikanta Dalabehera has directed the movie. Music is being scored by Prasant Padhi. Arun Mantri, Panchanan Nayak, Mohit Chakrabarty, Jatindra Pradhan have penned the lyrics. 

The other cast comprise Mihir Das, Aparajita, Jayee and Ashrumochan. The other crew of the film include Srikant Padhy who has worked as chief production designer, Amarajit Mohanty as Cameraman, Manoranjan as Make-up man, and Santosh has handled the costume.

Ashok Pati to Direct "Sapath"

Ashok Pati is a renowned Odia director in Ollywood. He is known as a stylish director. His films are known for exotic locations and superb stylish costumes. This is due to his Bollywood connection. Before coming to the world of Odia films, he was an assistant director in Mumbai having assisted Milan Luthria in Amitabh Bachchan-starrer Hindi movie Deewar. Ashok Pati also wrote story and screenplay for most of his films. He has assisted Sudhansu Sahu in the Odia film Sahara Jaluchi in 1998. 

Now Mr. Pati is all set to direct his new venture-Sapath-A war between two brothers. 

Satyaprakash with a towering personality is the savior of the downtrodden in the locality. He is extremely kind at heart but ruthless in providing justice to the needy. He is the one and only "Dadabhai" who comes to the rescue indiscriminately for everyone in the vicinity, but he blindly trusts "Pravu" to make impossible possible on his behalf. It is Satyapraksh's deep trust in "Pravu" for which the ruthless acts of rendering justice to the needy is carried out. Undoubtedly the enemies gather strength to launch a massive assault on Satyaprakash and plan to shatter his trust in "Pravu". Will they succeed?  

A Romantic thriller with world-class fusion music, Magnum Media Pvt. Ltd. will present the Oriya film "Sapath" to the people of Odisha as their Utkal Divas gift. This will be produced by Bibhuti Mishra and Ashok Mohapatra under the banner of Magnum Media Pvt. Ltd.  

Akash, Arachita and Ashok Pati are for the first time collaborating to promote a movie. Other star cast includes Anita Das, Mihr Das, Minaketan, Pintu Nanda, Pritiraj, Choudhary Jayprakash Das, Salil Mitra, Jeeban Panda etc. Producer Bibhuti Mishra and Ashok Mohapatra are quite confident with the powerful story line and strong star cast. 

The shooting is going to start from November, 2011 & the plan is to release the movie on April 1, 2012 to commemorate Utkal Divas.

Director Ashok Pati and the production house have made it very clear that there will be no compromise with the quality of the movie, and therefore the budget is not fixed. And this is going to target young masses as well as families. For the first time, two veteran music directors Goodly Rath and Prasant Padhi shall join their hands to make the music unique. Music is being scored by Prasant Padhi, where as Goodly Rath has arranged the music.

We at OrissaCinema wish the team of Sapath all the very best!

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