History of Recipients: The Jayadev Awards

In addition to the awards mentioned in Schedule 1, State Government may on the recommendation of the Jury constituted under Rule 12 and in its discretion give an award called “ The Jayadev Award” to  a film personality for outstanding contribution to the growth and development of Oriya cinema.

First Orissa State Award for film was commenced on 27th June,1973. In March, 2011 Orissa state Film Awards rule for 1989 was revised and the Jaydev award Prize money has been increased from Rs 25,000 to Rs 1,00,000. 

1-Kabiraj Krushna Chandra Tripathy, Producer & Utkal Chalachitra Pratisthana (1981)

2-Nitai Palit, Producer and Director (1982)

3-Samuel Sahu, Actor (1984)

4-Sarat Pujhari, Actor and Director (1985)

5-Govind Tej, Actor and Director (1986)

6-BalKrushna Dash, Music Director (1987)  

7-Parvati Ghosh, Actress and First Women Director of Odisha (1988)

8-Bhubaneswar Mishra, Music Director (1989)

9-Priyanath Mishra (Pira), Actor (1990)

10- Hemant Das, Actor (1991)

11-Smt Gloria Mohanty, Actress (1992)

12-Bymokesh Tripathy, Actor and Director (1993)

13- Dukhiram Swain, Actor (posthumous) (1994)

14-Sujata Anand, Actress (Posthumous) (1995)

15-Akshya Mohanty, Music  Director (1996)

16-Smt Jharana Das, Acting (1997)

17-Prasant Nanda, Acting & Direction (1998)

18-Uttam Mohanty, Acting (1999)

19-Manimala Devi, Acting (2000)

20-Manmohan Mohapatra, Direction (2001)

21-Basant Nayak, Producer (2002)

22-Bhanumati Devi, Actor (20003)

23-Prafulla Kar, Music Director (2004)

24-Sisir Mishra, Director (2005)

25-Surendra Sahoo, Cinematographer (2006)

26-Ramchandra Prathari, Acting (2007)

27- Sadhu Meher, Director and Actor (2008)

28-Mahasweta Ray, Actor (2009)

29-Apruba Kishore Bir, Director and Camera Man (2010)

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